The Problem with others.

MiBike is here to change the way you think about owning a bicycle. Most of us have seen or even rode ride share bikes like Jump Bike and Lime, we are different because we don't charge you per ride and expect you to leave the bike for someone else to collect later. We provide you with your own unique bike that you own for as long as you are a customer with MiBike (cancel anytime).
Below we highlighted some of the major issues with owning or renting a bike today.


The cost of entry for a new bike is $600.00+ for similar models. With the rise in popularity of bike riding during the pandemic, prices have gone up on new and used bikes. With MiBike you can own a bicycle for as low at $25 a month. 

Global Supply Chain

Due to Corona Virus, supplies are limited due to increased interest and limited factory capacity this means that even if you wanted to purchase a new bike, you might be waiting for months. With MiBike we have bikes in stock and work directly with the factories so there is no middle man, this means we can get bikes to you fast. 


Bike maintenance can be daunting, most people either don’t know how or don’t want to do the maintenance themselves. Not to mention, most people don't have the adequate space or tools to work on the bikes themselves. When you sign up for MiBike, we guarantee that your bike will always be rolling or we will replace the bike at no extra charge.


Regarding ride/bike shares, often they are only rentable at fixed locations (if they are available at all) with MiBike you can lock your bike wherever you choose and not worry about someone else using it and having it be gone when you are ready to ride again. As long as you are a member of MiBike, your unique bike belongs to you and only you. Additionally, ride share programs have declined during the pandemic. A lot of towns have limited the amount of bike share programs due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which caused ride share programs like Lyft and Uber to raise their prices.  



With traditional bike shares, they can be seen as an eye sore in some communities and can cause a lot of negative chatter on community message boards like Reddit and We aim to combat that-- since the bike you own from MiBike will be uniquely yours, we encourage our users to treat the bike as their own (not leaving it in walk ways, or paths of businesses). You will be given a lock and key that only you can use and will allow you to lock the bike to traditional bike racks wherever you need. 

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