MiBike: The Subscription Service For Bicycles

MiBike is a Santa Cruz Ca. based company aiming to change they way you think about owning a bicycle. They are not a traditional bike shop, MiBike is a subscription to transportation. Their goal is to have a red tire in every bike rack. They want to be able to provide affordable, modern bicycles to the masses in cities and towns all over the United States as a subscription service, while addressing major issues with current bike sharing programs. This is not a bike that needs to be returned immediately after you use it, or a bike that is so heavy it's almost dangerous to ride. Your MiBike will belong to you as long as you are subscribed to the program. Once you subscribe MiBike will deliver the bike to your given location, and when you cancel your subscription will pick it up.

They are in the start up phase of the business, gauging interest in select towns to start.

What its like to join MiBike;

  • A monthly bicycle subscription program that allows user to “rent” a bicycle from MiBike.

  • The subscription would cover a physical bicycle, bike maintenance, a lock and key, & insurance if the bike stolen.

  • Debt freedom "it is always easier to find 35 bucks tomorrow then it is to find 600 right now" and unlike leasing a car the subscription can be ended anytime.

To learn more, head over to the MiBike website.

Use discount code -MiBikeSCWorks to get $10 off first month of subscription.